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i cannot seem to get the futa transformation in the cafe, does anyone know what to do

The chef enemies should be able to cook you up a nice something down there.

how to I get the keys in the first part I'm so confused

i have played for a while and i think the magic bunny's attacks have no synergy and are hard to use. is there some strategy to bunny that im overlooking?

what do i do for the part where i need to be dirty and sticky for the customer in neko maid cafe. ive tried talking to the volunteer giving me a hint but can not figure out what i need to do plz help asap

Try taking a swim for a bit in the honey outside of the Cyber Hive. ;)

I have no idea what to do in the mad manor and I can't find anything to hint how to progress 

You want to start by heading up the stairs. The rooms on the left and right are reflections of each other, so there is something in the room with the visible bookshelves that should give you a hint of where to look in the other room.


Your games are pretty original and beautiful ! Can I do some let's play videos on your games ("Hanaja's Body" and "Damsels of Vice") ? (knowing that I will post it on porn website and earn a bit of ads revenue from that)

Thank you so much! :)
Sure, feel free to do Let's Plays on any of my games.
All that I ask is:

1. You've purchased the game legitimately (Itchio, Steam, DLSite and/or Nutaku when available).
2. You put a link to the store page and/or my Patreon page ( in the video description.

I'm kinda liking it so far, but... really, the first boss is absurd! She keeps stacking this one Debuff and then crushing me! You Really need to add a way to clear that somehow because 20 stacks of it is just mean. Plus, I haven't a dang clue what the status effects even do or are called. Is there a primer in the game, or did you just leave any explanation out?

Glad you're enjoying the game so far!

The boss will cause debuffs for each part of Hanaja that is in the Magical TF. It helps to go into the fight as a full demon (her default form) and try to keep her from transforming.

As for status effects, there are hover-over tool tips! Just hover over the icons above an enemy or hover over Hanaja's health bar to see what they are and what the effects are.


Greatly enjoyed both Hanaja's and Veronica's Body. I will say I miss the lewd attack descriptors that Veronica had. I also think Victoria's Body was good but the fact it was done on an older version of RPGMaker hurts it a bit. Have you ever thought about doing some sort of remaster for it on the newer RPGMaker engines? I'll definitely continue to follow your work as both the Body series and DoV were very nice.

Does each area of Hanaja's Body have a bonus scene? I found the honey pot in the Cyberhive, the engineer guy from the Cafe, and the hidden character in the Dungeon but I haven't been able to find the secret of the Casino. I assume it has something to do with those chests on the ledge in the lower area but haven't had much luck trying a couple of forms on different NPCs.

Glad you're enjoying the games! :)

For the lewd attack descriptors, do you mean the TF text? Hanaja's Body has the TF text like in the previous games, but there is a chance you might have accidentally turned it off (you turn it on and off by talking to the NPC in the void).

Fun fact: Victoria's Body is the same engine, all made in RPG Maker MV. It's funny to see how much some extra scripting and code work can change up the engine, especially now that I am a little more comfortable with some of the more complicated back-end of RPG Maker.

The Casino does have a few bonus scenes that correlate to the treasures on the ledge. One of them you can get at the very beginning of the game (so let that be a hint about what TFs you should use) and the other one you must come back for after going to the other areas.

Thanks again for your support and if you'd like, you can go to the Patreon to keep a close eye on the development of all of my games, including DoV2 and the Hanaja's Body Update that will be coming soon, hopefully sometime early September.


Damn that fun fact is impressive. You've definitely improved on the scripting side of things. I'll keep trying to find those bonus scenes.

Thank you so much for the kind words! :)

Could it be that either the status list or 2 symbols in the status bar are mixed up (see screenshots)? Based on the magic book symbol I assume magic attack is 26 but status list shows it as defense.

Hmmm, that's interesting. I will look into it! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

It's safe to assume that the Defense and M. Attack numbers are mixed up on the status bar.

Found a potental design flaw, in cybehive interior there is a spot you can potentaly get stuck at steps to reproduce: use magical bunny legs and step on the the spike trap to leap above the impassable tile. There are two enemys in this area, heres where the stuck happens. If you kill them both and dont have the right transformation to interact with the pc its possable to get stuck behind the firewall... speaking of firewall, what is the payload file? i opened it in notepad++ to see if there was anything i could make legible out of the garbo that gets spat out when you do that and from what i could tell its making url calls but i cant tell where. also the enchant system is rater poorly explained, it says in your item menu. i expected a sub menu not selecting the part directly like i was trying to use an item and then slot it in from there still a neat system though, speaking of poorly explained is there a place to veiw what status effects do like a manuel? out of guess work i've puzzled out that the ailment from the spike trap functions like poison and the tornado symbol function simalr to dubble team from pokemon, side note was i ment to beat the first boss fully transformed? feels like thats ment to be a lose conditon but i did it before knowing your not ment too as magical hat's ailments came in real handy for that fight that and the fact i ground out 15 simple brews 5 ember vails and some powder (starting item set never adventure without it) i was around level 6-7 as a result. i hope im not comming off as rude text never conveys tone 100% right.

Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely look into the firewall soft lock and the rest of your points to work on getting a fix out with the fan content update.

For the URL stuff, there shouldn't be anything going on. The RPG Maker MV engine uses javascript and some other web code so that the game can be built to run in web browsers, but it doesn't connect to anything.

also after making this the maid area's boss may be a bit too punishing as the player only has one heal powder to deal with status buildup, leading to the fight being potentaly a grind gate if it was used beforehand.


We really liked the game, would have liked to see game overs for the stage and bosses be different to double the lewd but whats here is great. Yeah, personally we like how Damsel in Distress did it where they were stuck there but it was all in their minds. Thats just us since we like more "permanent" bad endings but the art was super cute! Indeed, this game was great, even the fox girl dungeon since we've been on a kick for those recently so you read our minds. The only real thing we disliked was the maid cafe and how much back and forth there was, we knew what we needed but having to go back and forth to change one thing was annoying.

I'm happy to hear that you all enjoyed it! <3
I'll definitely consider boss-exclusive CGs/game overs in future games.

How do I deal with the first boss? She keeps applying a debuff that stacks and there seems to be no way to remove it. After about 4 rounds in the fight, if I'm not double healing every round I get one shot.

The trick is to avoid being transformed when fighting her. If you stay in Hanaja's Demon form,  the debuffs shouldn't be an issue.


Just finished the game.  Love Hanaja's newest look, this one's a keeper.  All the models here look great, and I loved the extra foes you fight in the Maid Cafe level.  Still, I'd prefer it if the level bosses had unique endings like the final boss does, but maybe that can happen in the next installment.  There's always room for improvement!


Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you loved it! I'll let Zinovia know that her artwork is a huge success. :)

As for the level/boss endings, I would very much like to do that in the future too. I am also toying around with the idea of a generic level ending, but unique boss endings for each level in future games.

how do you get filthy for the guy on the second floor ive used the just deserts skill but when i talk to him im told im too clean.

Another person in the same room will give you a hint about what to do when you talk to them.


found him also is the  secret transformation the future one voted by the community?

For the achievement? The secret transformation can be triggered in the boss fight of the fourth level.

thats the one.


I been I like the game 

Happy to hear that you're enjoying it! :)

i can see you add bug bee tf 

Stuck on the first level. I don't know how to get the bunny dealer to give me the membership card.

The key lies in Hanaja's demon skill: "Seduction"

Try using it when her Torso TF meter is almost full.

when will this be on steam?


It will likely be middle of July. The approval process can take several weeks but I am working on it.


The Victoria's Body and Veronica's Body games are so good that they, along with Odyssey of Gianna, are the main reasons I signed up with!  I'm really enjoying the newest game so far, and I think the spirit possession part of the story is a fun addition!

And I know it might take a long while, but I hope to see a fourth game in this series some day.

Thank you so much! :)

I'm really happy to hear that you're enjoying my games and I will definitely do more in this style in the future.


Been a fan since Victoria's Body, can't wait to pick this one up and see what it has in store!

Glad to see a long time fan! You're going to love this game!