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got a intresting qusten

can you add somethin that lets us see what cards we hve seen

That's one of the Patreon milestones! Adding that would require some reworking of older game systems, so it would take quite a lot of time and effort, tbh.

ok well i will hope

Does the current version end after giving the president the four letters? I know she says that she will be unresponsive for a while, but there is no indication as to whether or not this is the end of the demo. You can't move once she opens the door and the game just sits there.


Try talking to her from the right side. There's currently a bug where she will get stuck on your party members if they are blocking her path.


Was "save anywhere" disabled, or is this some issue on my end? Update 5 I could save anywhere (in addition to the crystals) but for update 6 it's just the save crystals. Was this to avoid save-scumming? It's not too big a concern, because you do have them in enough areas, just surprised is all.

The balancing seems better!

Oh, you could save anywhere on Update 5? Oops! Lmao.

Nothing is wrong, traditionally the save anywhere is disabled because I wanted to give a more traditional SNES Final Fantasy experience but I may enable it again in a future update.

Why can't the heroine kill "rapists" ? Dropping them unconscious feels largely unsatisfying, especially for how long combat lasts in this game (unnecessarily so for a H-game, if you don't mind some further feedback).

hmmm,all the H sense on the defeat?i mean,i play it for one hour,but i can't find any lewd event trigger

Why are enemies able to special attack every turn?  It feel unfair for the party to have to charge up their S.A. when everyone else gets specials whenever they wish.  And the mansion enemies need to be seriously nerfed.  And Gwendoline needs access to better weapons.  She's barely doing better than double digits.

godamm theres alot of monsters in that sewer wtf....i have been down there for idk 30 min maybe....i have been in atleast 100 battles so far calm down with those mobs dev xD

I you don't want to fight them then just press escape, it should work most of the time.

is there a fullscreen??


For some reason i cant save my game on mac? When i try to it just makes a buzzer noise :/ pls send help thx


Something I've noticed is that unless my characters counter (which I wasn't aware they could do before but Cleo absolutely CRUSHED the RED patroller with a counter!) whatever the opponents attack is NEVER misses. It may do no damage if my characters are strong enough, but it'll still hit. My characters will miss on occasion - Syn more than the others it seems. Was it intentional that the opponent won't miss? It makes some fights quite frustrating because someone on my side misses but the opponent will always hit! 

Having gotten as far as I can, I'm surprised the RED faction has any real traction, given you slaughter the ALPHA (and it is SO satisfying to crush Sigmund!) and all the other REDs seems interested in is sex, thinking women should be subservient to men with sex, and not much else. Barring Adrienne, I don't think any of the women really like being slaves to the REDs either, after you clear the mansion all the maids are thrilled that they are no longer part of the whole RED thing!

Just need to wait until Update 6 now...

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Could you make a android port, I have a PC but my phone runs better than it. Reason I have a larger storage on my android phone

Edit: I'm pretty sure you can make a simple touchscreen system and it should be ready for mobile phones

I've considered making a phone port but it's something that I would have to take the time to learn and may have to purchase additional software/licenses. If that was the case, Lustfall would have to be a paid game and I would not offer it for free because of the amount of effort it would take to keep up a mobile version.

Mobile development is a LOT more complicated than a simple touchscreen system. I'll keep it in mind that there are people who want an android version and I may look into it more in the future but for right now, there are no plans to make a mobile build.

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ok it's nice to see a developer who cares about the opinions of their users after respawn started shutting down their servers instead of fixing them against the hackers

Edit:you can mostly get it to work on phones it just can't run a exe file which makes it unplayable

I don't really like dual posting, but this is separate from everything else, and I'm not sure what to make of it! There's a spot in Jealousy Woods that has a portal, but everyone agrees it's too dangerous and it's a one way trip. I've tried going into the portal just to see what happens, but outside of weird color scheme and music...nothing seems to happen. I can't click on anything or leave the area, and if there is a superpowered monster, it's taking it's sweet time getting to the heroines. What's the story with the portal that's west of Lily in the Jealousy Woods? 

Ah yes, the portal. That is a secret area that's not yet implemented. It was removed in earlier versions but popped back up in Update 5.

Basically, in the final update of Lustfall, there will be 6 optional super bosses and this will be where on of them will be.


Optional Super Bosses? SWEET! Gives yet another reason to like this even more! (And thank you for getting back about this, the "gotta explore everything" part of me was going "What is this for??")

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Hi! So, I've been playing this for a bit and my only real complaint is it seems a tad grindy. The writing is well done, I like the characters, beating Sigmund was SO SATISFYING, but it seems like you expect the players to be at certain levels at certain points and I've discovered group is at a lower level than what you expect them to be at. Beating the impostor Cleo seems OK at 10ish, but the hypno group area is QUITE challenging at 10ish and the lab is equally "too hard" Taking that away it's quite fun!

The RED stuff seems like it's almost "so backwards it's borderline funny, do men really treat women that badly??" Fighting the manor was a little odd because Cleo clearly knows Robin and Robin just refuses to believe it until she sees the mark. I would have thought that, given how well Cleo knows the layout and knows everyone, and that the impostor had a very different mentality than Cleo does, that Robin would have at least been a little more "what is going on??" than before seeing the moth. Especially given that Cleo was rescuing maids FROM those RED bozos and the impostor was "I love the REDs, because Sigmund's my lover!" I found getting to the Big City (tm) through the caverns to be quite interesting, REALLY liked that Willow made a second appearance, and find while she is out there, she's still likable! I think the funniest scene so far is either "the bickering between Gwen and Cherri" or the comment Cherri made about Alvida (sp?) being out there and everyone else thinking "and you AREN'T??"

I do like where this is going! 

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So I've been playing this for a good 8 hours and really enjoying it, but I'm just at a loss for what to do in the Hypnotized Husband fight. I've tried almost everything I can think of but nothing seems to work. The only thing I can think of is that I have to go get my fourth party member or just grind, neither of which seem super fun.
Edit: Although, thinking about it, either would be more fun than beating my head against this wall.


There's an alternate path that you need to take. You can't defeat the Hypnotized Husband. Keep searching the area around the save point for the way.

Also, if you ever get stuck like this, you can always download the .docx walkthrough file and it will guide you.

oh god now I feel like an idiot. It's RIGHT THERE I was just blind as FUCK.

y is the frst boss so hard to beet

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After the ambush battle with the 3x animal lovers in Jealousy Woods my team is permanently blinded. What can I do to remove it?

You can use the Trusight items to remove blindness and have Gwen use her magic attacks. Blindness will last a while but it should go away eventually.


I've managed to complete the entire thing, it was great. The only thing even remotely close to complaining I can muster is to say that I wanted the doll suit things in the mansion to be an actual wearable item that affects the character sprite. Though, that is really the only thing I found to be missing.

Absolutely loved it, though I kinda wish there were more kink items in general.

Glad you loved it! :D

I'll keep the doll suit in mind for a future update, perhaps...

Thanks for that, and thanks for making this game free. 

I felt like scum asking you to add more lol

No problem! Since it's free, I have the freedom to only do what I feel like on it so I have no problem ignoring requests I don't like. lol

(Although you can help by giving it a high rating if you haven't already)


Just wanted to say how much I love the game!


Hi! When I try to run the game on a mac, I receive the message "the application "game" can't be opened." Is there something I can do to fix that? 

There are some other people who struggled with the mac version down in this thread. I recommend looking through those discussions to see if they help. Tbh, the mac stuff is hard for me to troubleshoot since I don't have a mac myself to build that version on.

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Yeah  when it gets to the point where you have to grind endlessly just to beat a boss, talking about the mansion boss, the balancing is out of wack, I shouldn't have to use 5-6 items per few turns just to keep my status effects in control, sure you can argue its a free game, but you still charge people to play it with your pateron,   for future updates please for the love of god playtest them from a new user perspective, if you need to have that many items on hand its not fun.  

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in the manshins boss fight win everyone but the kittly charater are trined into dolls how close was i to wining i what to know how mad i shod be

You were really close. A couple strong attacks once that happens will win it.

man that sucks

what fetishes are/will be included?

There's quite a few. You can find more details on my user page.


(wipes forehead) Finally!!! made it to the city...(blip)...Pats self on the back that was a tough fight with spider B.... (awesome job on the game upto this point

Congrats! Yea that boss can be tough depending on how RNG goes with the status effects.


This us a bit of a weird question I know but in Cleos mansion there are trans flags everywhere, plus her colour scheme is also the trans flag colours. Is this hinting she's trans or am I just completely missing the point?

Honestly, Cleo's colors are a coincidence and I didn't really realize it until after I designed her. I just liked the colors on her.

For the flags, I was working on that update around Pride month and wanted to show some support to the LGBT and Ace people in my life because Trans Rights are Human Rights.

All of that being said, if people like to imagine Cleopawtra as trans and it makes them happy to do so, then feel free!


Then I'll head cannon it as so. As someone who is it adds a extra angle to her story since it is about getting a body that she feels is the real her. Are you sure you didn't add the trans subtext on purpose?


I'll try not to write an essay on the subject, but when I was writing her, I knew the subtext had a strong trans vibe to it. I'm not trans so I wasn't setting out to tell a trans story because I think it's important for actual trans creators to tell those stories.

That being said, it's not that her story couldn't be a trans story. If her story helps trans folk a lot and it really resonates with them then that's awesome! I hope her writing doesn't disappoint in the future. It's just that I don't want to define what the trans experience is for people.

I know what's it's like to not feel like the person I want to or aspire to be, but I do not know what it's like to have dysphoria and I am not going to pretend like I do. So from that perspective, her character comes from a sense of empathizing with the struggles of trans people knowing that I will never fully understand what it's like. 

I hope this adds some context.


It does, thanks

I love the game...currently stuck in the (Factory) fighting boss machine..(ANY POINTERS) out there...I am currently lvl 14. I need to know if i am doing something wrong or it's just general a tough boss fight..I've tried everything I can think of to beat it..switched around trinkets etc etc..I've noticed Cherri is great against boss but she gets knocked out anybody pass this point would be great..Thank You...

Did you find all of the switches by exploring the factory? Powering down the big machines will weaken the boss significantly.

Thanks for reply and Oh yes...I've went through the entire factory...Even did a triple and double walkthrough before the boss fight to make sure I got everything...Now I am just stuck..I even went and done other things just to have something else to do (the bandits in the hideout quest) Once that is done...I have 100% nothing left anywhere to do but the machine boss fight

This game is fun! I do like the concept of it showing the cards with the drawings, adds lewd excitement to the fights imo. 

SPOILER AHEAD: I am at a loss with the fight with the impostor Cleopawtra. As soon as the drone potion is thrown, I get immediately slaughterd and I have no idea what to do. I was able to beat the fights with the chief in the manor no problem.

That fight is a bit of a difficulty spike but with a team around level 10 you should be able to manage with a little luck. I suggest saving Cleo's TP, buffing Gwen's magic (with the trinket you find in the mansion) and nuking the impawster with magic. When the potion is thrown, use the skill that Cleo learns by finding the secret in the library to rush her down.

will there be more battle cards

Yes, there will always be more battle cards!



Like the game. Would love longer bad endings though and some sex art for them.
Is there anyway to make combat go faster? Turns against 5 enemies takes ages. I dont have that much time, Im in med school


Art for bad ends is a Patreon milestone goal (that kind of art is super expensive >.<)

As for the combat, I recommend changing the battle card settings using the "Pervert's Clairvoyance" key item. There's an option that lets you skip the card by pressing the confirm key.


I'm gonna subscribe to your patreon end of the month once my income is in again. I like your stuff and its good to have more obscure fetish porn that doesnt indirectly promote homophobia, transphobia, racism etc. The biggotry turn offs.

Youre doing gods work

Thank you! <3


I played a few hours so far, and I'm really liking it.  I especially like the bondage and noncon focus.  It's so hard to find good games with bondage I like that is also mature^^

I like it apart from the way you keep on




breaking the flow of conversations with that stupid slow mo ellipsis gag

Sorry if this has been asked before but is there a way to move the save from V3 to V4?


Yes! This blog post should walk you through the process:

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out and I will be happy to clarify! :)

thank you! 

is the intro music from animal crossing lmao

Lmao! Nope! It's a classical music piece called "Gymnopedie No. 1"

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If there was only one complaint I had about this it's the small Mana pools that syn and cleo have, but I can see why.  From what I can tell tell gwen is the spell caster of the group so she should have more then the others, cleo seems like she is the buffer and normal attacker, and syn is meant to be the slow, but tanky, debuffer that hits like a truck. I think the only one who actually needs a buff is syn because if I'm right then cleo shouldn't be able to out damage her with her normal attack, but she can. BUT that's only if the roles I've got here are the correct ones. Please correct me if i'm wrong here. but there are my thoughts, I'd say this is a pretty good game so far, keep up the good work, stay hydrated, drink water and STAY SAFE out there!

In terms of combat:

Gwen is the "all around" character. She is pretty average in just about everything.

Syn is the "tank" character. She is slow but a physical tank and physically very powerful who later on learns some interesting support moves.

Cleo is the "glass cannon" character. She is the fastest and deals a ton of damage, but is far more fragile and defensively weaker than the rest.

Cherri (who you will get in Update 4) is the "mage" character. She has a HUGE mana poll and is the strongest magically, but her physical damage is the weakest out of all of them.

I am planning to re-balance things once the game is complete and I am always keeping feedback like this in mind. I occasionally make small tweaks in between updates based on feedback I receive as well.

Well that's good to know, if I encounter any glitches or overpowered strategies I'll let you know.

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How come there aren't any game over images? or have i just missed them?


Game over images are extremely expensive and time consuming to commission so currently they're not in the budget. There IS a Patreon goal that, once we hit it, I will prioritize putting in the missing images.

2 thangs 1 will we be able to make the cards stay there till we press space and win the full game is out will it be free


I'll keep that in mind as a future enhancement.

So far, this game will continue to be free.


i thot of a beter thang for thwe battle card have thim unlockable so win you have seen thim ones you can see thim win evwer you wunt to maby use the cristle as a way to see thim and save

I have not played this game yet, but i am about to download it! it looks fun!

I hope you enjoy it! A lot of work is going into it everyday so I'd love to hear your feedback in the discord channel if you feel compelled.

I also tried the Mac version and experienced the same error. I tried changing the permissions but the game still does not let me save or change options. Any recommendations? This looks like an awesome game so I would love to be able to try it :)

Hi Michael! The previous person said that there was something in the thread about "running the game from the nwjs file" that should be in the folder. I suggest giving that a try and let me know if that works for you.

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Thanks for your quick reply! I have been able to successfully save and play the game!

If anyone is having the same issue, follow these steps:

1. Drag the application to your desktop.

2. Transfer the application to a USB.

3. Run the application on the USB. 

(1 edit)

I tried the mac version, but it won't let me save no matter what key I push.  Also, after changing options and hitting esc, there's an error that pops up and kills the game.

Hi synthesis! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It seems like the Mac OS doesn't want the file to be able to overwrite its own saves. Try the following solution:

"To fix this, you'll have to allow the game to adjust files.

This should be able to be done in the steps:

1.) Navigate to the game.exe file.

2.) Right click the file, and select "Show Info"

3.) Open the "permissions" section

4.) Adjust the settings for it to be able to both write and read files."

I found the solution here after a quick google search:

Thanks and enjoy!

Thanks for the quick reply.  I tried tinkering and setting read/write in multiple areas, but still the same error.  However, from the linked thread, running from the nwjs file did the trick, and I can now set option and save.

Awesome! :)

I'm happy you were able to figure it out and I hope you enjoy Lustfall.

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