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Hi! Great game here -3- I think found a bug with Hunt Rune Skill.

After you used a lot of times start to stack damage to infinity xD

IK this game is finished but just to note that 

That's a lotta damage!

How interesting, I wonder what is causing it. I might have to open up the old project file and investigate. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I am so glad that you are enjoying the game! :D

umm...... i think its dead lol XD

Need chinese!


Does the steam version and itch version of the game have the same content?

Yes. The only difference is Steam Achievements.


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Badges? Edited: No badges :_;

any hints on the 3 other mirrors, "chastity", "utility", and "onahole"?


The biggest thing to remember is that parts of Victoria that are still Vampire do not show up in the mirror.

Other than that, if you'd like to check out the #questions-answers channel in the Discord ( the you can find all the solutions there for you.

which rpg maker version/ rtp version is needed?

This is made in RPG Maker MV so it should just work without having to have any sort of RPG Maker or RTP.

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for ubuntu it runs under steam with proton

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I keep getting lost when it comes to finding the cobwebs, If possible can u give us a hint on how many there are in each room? So i'm spend less time in rooms I already checked.

from what i can tell there are 4 in the kitchen, 5 in sleeping room, 9 in bathrooms, 8 in rec room (+2 ) and 6 in the Dormitories.

Nvm found it you have to go to the library archives and clear up the fireplace to reach the last 2


go back to the third library room a bimbo is guarding a cobweb clean that and it'll open the way to the two unreachable ones

Great game so far, but i'm a little confused with the riddle in the clock room.


Thank you! :) 

In the game files there is a subfolder with picture solutions to the Library puzzles! If you're still confused after that, let me know and I'll be happy to help out more.

Were would they be located Perhaps?

It's the folder called "puzzleSolutions." Alternatively, you can find it on my Discord.

Ah thank you!

Is the game completed, or it this an initial release version based on the promise that it will be updated and / or completed, someday.. maybe?


Victoria's Body is a complete game.

There might be DLC in the future but for what is available right now, it is the full experience.


Would love to see more added myself! ^..^ Love the game, but already finished it so quickly. Saw it pop up on and went for it.

Are there special endings for say, staying in the milking plant?

There are special (non-CG) cutscenes for losing in battle but the milking plant is a special event for having a specific transformation so there is no special ending there.


Ohh I see, thank you very much