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UPDATE 3 IS LIVE - 07/27/2020* Quick Patch 08/03/2020

Waking up with no memories of who she is, Gwendolyn finds herself in a world that is obsessed with lust, sex and fantasy. She must team up with a cat girl, a dominatrix and more in order to travel across Heartlandia in the search of what has caused the mysterious event known as the "Lustfall" before society collapses from the weight of its own carnal desires. Will she be strong enough to resist temptation at every corner, or will she give in to her deepest, darkest fantasies and submit the world to ruin?

Lustfall is a game developed in RPG Maker MV and implements a unique battle system where the enemies attack the player with erotic fantasies, tempting them to submit to their foes and abandon their quest. Attacks differ by fetish and area of arousal to ensure no one goes un-stimulated but be careful! Daydream about being gagged too much and a gag may actually manifest on you, preventing the casting of spells!

Join the official Discord server: https://discord.gg/G2TsKAV


Arrow Keys or Left Mouse Click - Move

Enter or Z or Left Mouse Click - Confirm

Esc or X or Right Mouse Click - Cancel or Menu (Outside of Battle)

Shift Key (Hold) - Sprint/Move Fast

Lustfall is currently in active development. The demo contains the first few chapters of the story and several hours of gameplay, multiple dungeons, tons of enemies, over 50 lewd and kinky images to discover, equipment crafting system, magical accessories, fetish accessories and characters you'll fall in love with by the end of the 20-30 hour epic. Even with all of this content, what is in this demo is a fraction of the development that has already been completed!

"Why are you releasing a short demo if you have so much of it done?" - You may ask. The answer is simple. I need funding to commission the erotic combat art for the rest of it. I've spent all the money I have to get this demo out for you and I would love to get real art so I can release more in good faith, for free. While I will continue to work on the game, it can only be released if I can acquire the rights to the art I am using. That usually means commissioning artists for specific images, costing  $40-$60 USD per piece. This is my passion and I want to share this with you so if you are able to give a little, please consider doing so either here or by subscribing to my Patreon.

For a list of contributors, artists and public resources used for the creation of Lustfall, I encourage you to look at the README.txt file.

Let's promote sex positivity and stay kinky my lovely perverts!

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
PublisherOverlord Empire LLC
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsbdsm, bondage, Erotic, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, fetish, NSFW, RPG Maker, Turn-Based Combat, xxx
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksPatreon, Discord, Deviant Art, Twitter


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How come there aren't any game over images? or have i just missed them?

Game over images are extremely expensive and time consuming to commission so currently they're not in the budget. There IS a Patreon goal that, once we hit it, I will prioritize putting in the missing images.

2 thangs 1 will we be able to make the cards stay there till we press space and win the full game is out will it be free

I'll keep that in mind as a future enhancement.

So far, this game will continue to be free.


I have not played this game yet, but i am about to download it! it looks fun!

I hope you enjoy it! A lot of work is going into it everyday so I'd love to hear your feedback in the discord channel if you feel compelled.

I also tried the Mac version and experienced the same error. I tried changing the permissions but the game still does not let me save or change options. Any recommendations? This looks like an awesome game so I would love to be able to try it :)

Hi Michael! The previous person said that there was something in the thread about "running the game from the nwjs file" that should be in the folder. I suggest giving that a try and let me know if that works for you.

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Thanks for your quick reply! I have been able to successfully save and play the game!

If anyone is having the same issue, follow these steps:

1. Drag the application to your desktop.

2. Transfer the application to a USB.

3. Run the application on the USB. 

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I tried the mac version, but it won't let me save no matter what key I push.  Also, after changing options and hitting esc, there's an error that pops up and kills the game.

Hi synthesis! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It seems like the Mac OS doesn't want the file to be able to overwrite its own saves. Try the following solution:

"To fix this, you'll have to allow the game to adjust files.

This should be able to be done in the steps:

1.) Navigate to the game.exe file.

2.) Right click the file, and select "Show Info"

3.) Open the "permissions" section

4.) Adjust the settings for it to be able to both write and read files."

I found the solution here after a quick google search: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/unable-to-save-in-deployed-mac-...

Thanks and enjoy!

Thanks for the quick reply.  I tried tinkering and setting read/write in multiple areas, but still the same error.  However, from the linked thread, running from the nwjs file did the trick, and I can now set option and save.

Awesome! :)

I'm happy you were able to figure it out and I hope you enjoy Lustfall.

i hope you get donations, but personally this game is way too rapey for me lol.

I appreciate the kind wishes and thank you for giving it a try!


hey.. that sounds like a  recommendation for me  :D