Update 7 - Latex Drones and Lots of "White Sticky Stuff"

Hey everyone,

It's been a bit since I posted something here but I assure you I am working tirelessly to get Lustfall's Update 7 out. It's taking a little longer than usual because of all of the bonus content and new lewds! Bonus content? Do I mean the new look for the Battle Cards?! Nope, there's EVEN MORE bonus stuff being packed into Update 7. There's insider info on the official Patreon so I encourage all of you to consider subscribing to check it out!


We are super close to hitting that third milestone which will allow me to commission Game Over CGs to go alongside all of those wonderful scenes when you lose (and likely, I will implement some sort of gallery for the CGs that you've already seen), so any little bit of generosity could put us over the edge!

With all of that excitement, here's a very brief overview of what you can expect for Update 7:

  • NEW STORY DUNGEON - "Caverns of Cum" - With a strange distress call from the worst people, the heroines of Heartlandia go to investigate a familiar location only to see it is much different than they remember. All of this leads to a cavern underneath a lake that holds a crystal... but that lake is no longer made of water...
  • NEW SIDE QUEST DUNGEON - This is mega-exciting! A patreon recently redeemed the Master/Mistress tier that allows them to design a sidequest for me to implement and put into Lustfall. They really wanted more of that latex drone conversion, so I bring you the "Drone Facility", a maze-like factory run by a rogue AI that is turning people into latex drones. Not even our heroines are safe from the sinister transformation.
  • 19 (or more) NEW LEWDS - More lewds, very 'slime' heavy! Depending on the Lust Magic from the new Side Quest above, there might be even more than just these 19.
  • NEW BATTLE CARD FRAMES and Iconography - They look amazing and I re-did the 100+ by scratch to make the most of it! All thanks to your generosity and love of Lustfall! :)
  • Minor Battle Card adjustments - Just a few tweaks on a couple of the cards to make them make a little more sense with a hint of balance.
  • Bug/Grammar fixes - A few strange hardlocks when triggering specific events have been ironed out. Also re-worded some of the equipment descriptions.

As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to and I hope to have a specific date for everyone soon!!! Until then, thank you once again for all of the support and even if you cannot subscribe to the Patreon right now, you should give it a "follow" so you can vote in the weekly public polls!

Stay kinky everyone!

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are ther bad ends in this game ?

Yes. There are a lot of bad ends to discover. They are all text (no CGs) but in future updates CGs for the bad ends will be added.

ah ok 

and will ther be a memory room (where you can see the bad ends you discoverd ?

Not at the moment, but I think that's part of one of the Patreon milestones.


the name "caverns of cum" just makes me think of that one song, "welcome to the cum zone" and now it's stuck in my head XD

Keep up the good work and stay safe!

dose leveling up incres all bass stats