Announcement! Update 7 Release Dates!!!

Official Patreon Page here!

I've talked about it. I've teased it. The time has finally come for the mythical, legendary and elusive Update 7 to finally be released! This one is full of exciting new things not originally planned and only made possible thanks to everyone's support these past few years. For starters, we have another 24 brand new battle cards added to the pile, each one more sinister than the previous one. ALL of the battle cards are also sporting their HOT NEW LOOK! Gone are the days of my derpy photoshop frames and instead we have the new hotness of these amazing looking frames and icons to go with them.

We also have an entire new side dungeon! The first of at least two being added to the game designed by the fans who are generous enough to redeem the Master/Mistress tier on the Patreon for a few months. This one is for all of you latex/corruption fans! A mysterious AI from the Corrupted Factory has started creating a drone army to attack the citizens of Heartlandia, converting them into latex drones themselves! What could be the cause of this?! Will our heroines take on the task and survive, or become super soldiers in the gooey army of lust and latex? This dungeon also has some unique art assets and battle mechanics designed just for this level, so it's an extra special treat for long time fans of the game.

Aside from that, the heroines must return to a very familiar and unpleasant place... only to see just how powerful the corruption of the land can get when exposed to the crystal's impure aura for a long period of time! With only a few crystals remaining, they will need to work together to get to the bottom of the (literally) Cumfilled Caverns and face off against an aggressively unpleasant shadow from the past, once and for all!

While the next sub goal for Patreon is a little ways off, it is CG Gallery! If that's something that you think will be useful in the game, please consider clicking the link above and subscribing. We are now in the Game Over CG era of Lustfall, so I have broken down all (41+) of those and am getting them commissioned slowly. They are very expensive, so I have to be careful not to order too many too quickly. Also please keep in mind that many of these contain quite a few characters, so it will take artists a long time to finish them.

Either way, I have a lot of work to do to finish by this Friday, so I will just leave you all with the hype and anticipation of this HUGE milestone for Lustfall and the next chapter in this epic tale.

Stay safe and stay kinky!!! <3

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By Friday!? that's like 4 days from now, you sure that's all you need? we've waited this long, I don't think some of us would mind waiting a bit longer if needed.


I think I can handle it! :)

Thank you for your concern but I needed to light a fire underneath my butt after last week to get me into the swing of things!