Hanaja's Body Bonus TF - Fan VOTE! Ends Friday July 29th so vote TODAY!

Attention Hanaja simps (and fans)!

Thanks to the generosity of our Patreon supporters, we've reached Milestone #3 which means that this lovely game gets a FREE update! Fans like yourselves suggested the TFs you'd like to see added to the game and I have curated a list of NINE (9) to choose from! Go to the Patreon page here and VOTE on your favorite or favorites (you can vote for as many as you like!):


There is no subscription required, so EVERYONE can vote! Winner takes all this Friday, July 29th so be sure to vote before then.

(That being said, if we reach the next milestone, I'll add the top TWO highest voted for ones to the game in this upcoming patch.)

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Of the two tied winners, I'd vote for Rubber Gothic.

I'd really like the Jade or Balloon ones but they don't seem popular.

Rubber Gothic was declared the winner and is in development as we speak! (I could have sword I had posted something here about it but it looks like I didn't...)


the poll ended in a draw what are the odd

One day left for voting!! No subscription required! Wow! Get in there and be the deciding factor of the Hanaja's Body new TF!


Waiting to buy in Steam :)