NEW GAME: Hanaja's Body is coming June 17th!!!

Ever wanted to get your hands on Hanaja's sexy demon body and sculpt it to something more you your liking? Well, in less then a month the wait will be over and you will be able to embark on the next kinktastic, transformative adventure from the Victoria's Body series (and don't worry, you don't need to play them all to enjoy Hanaja's Body).

Take control of the demonic tease Hanaja as she goes to pester her favorite reclusive vampire "frenemy" Victoria, only to be pulled into a strange trap. She is met with a challenge from a mysterious Madame "V" to survive her game as revenge for all the mischief the demon has caused in the past. She must solve puzzles and defeat some very horny enemies while her body is constantly being changed in the traditional mix-and-match combat while trying to figure out just who this Madame "V" really is.

Long time fans of the series can expect to see some familiar faces along the way along with many kinky interactions with NPCs that differ depending on just what types of transformations Hanaja has equipped. Expect some NPCs to react differently if Hanaja is sporting a giant gelatin cock or locked away in chastity.

Mix and match body parts between the following forms (and yes, they all have cock variants):

  • Demon (Hanaja's Default)
  • Escape Artist Bunny
  • Cyber Hypno Bee
  • Gelatin Maid Cat
  • Leather Sentient Fox Suit
  • Fan Suggestion? (Coming in post launch update)

Oh, and you might have noticed but all of these are now in beautiful 1280px720p! With so much more space, expect it to be filled with even more enemies in battle!

Here are the details:

  • Retail Price: $9.99USD
  • Release Date Target: June 17th
  • Platforms: (Initial release) followed by DLSite (in a week or two) and Steam with Achievements (more complicated so it may take several weeks)

Finally, for those who are considering subscribing on Patreon, at Sadomasochist tier ($15) or higher, you will get BOTH Damsels of Vice (the current subscriber bonus) AND Hanaja's Body (on the 17th) when you subscribe (or if you are still subscribed) in JUNE!! Starting July, new subs at that level will get a key to just the newest hotness, Hanaja's Body!

These past few months have been pretty rough for me IRL, so I am very excited to see Hanaja's Body come to life for you all! Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm!

Stay safe and stay kinky~

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