Veronica's Body - Steam Version, DLSite Version and NEW TRANSFORMATION Update

Hello fans of Veronica's Body,

I wanted to announce that Veronica's Body is now for sale on both DLSite and now Steam. Thanks to Victoria's Body, things went more smoothly this time and the steam achievements (same as the in-game achievements) should work properly the first time! Yay! Obviously, I don't expect anyone to buy it twice but if you feel compelled to do so, good ratings/reviews and positive word of mouth go a long way to help the game out.

With that said, there is something to look forward to no matter which store you buy it from... The FREE Update TF! The poll has been decided and the invoice has been paid out. There is no turning back, there will be a content update thanks to the generous supporters and fans over at the developer Patreon that will include the following:

  • Veronica's new transformation: Cheerleader
  • A small new area to explore
  • Two new enemies
  • A battle loss CG
  • ((((((Secret extra boss????!))))))

Subs on Patreon at the appropriate tier ($15) will be getting news of the updates and see the art spoilers at they come in. Based on when I can expect the art, I expect the update to be pushed around end of August, early September. Stay tuned for an announcement when the release date is set in stone.

Thank you all for the support and love! I hope you are as excited as I am for the extra content!!

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is the cheerleader update out or not or is this a case of this tf has been choosen so look out for the update?

Not out yet. It has been decided and is in the works so stay tuned and I will be making a few posts when the update is almost ready.

ok thanks.